Please visit the University of Tokyo podcast from here (iTunes launches).

The University of Tokyo opens "Podcast" in the Apple iTunes Store and delivers many excellent lectures to be offered at the University of Tokyo free of charge.

In order to contribute to "publicness of knowledge", the University of Tokyo has been publishing lecture videos and materials on websites such as "UTokyo OpenCourseWare" and “UTokyo TV" since 2005 as a social contribution project. Also, we joined iTunes U from 2012 and started publishing lecture videos.

With the iTunes U collection being migrated to podcasts in September 2017, we are currently offering contents on iTunes Store podcasts. You can easily access lecture videos via iTunes Store Podcasts.

You can touch top-level educational contents via iTunes Store Podcast. I hope that everyone can touch the knowledge created by the University of Tokyo and be satisfied with intellectual curiosity.

※ "iTunesU Collection" has been migrated to "Podcast" from September 2017 -> Detail