I wish to find the ultimate in hearing assistive devices [JP]

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Ken Takaki has lived with hearing disability since losing hearing in one ear while in elementary school. After experiencing the trouble of communicating with others at university, he became aware of the difficulties faced by people with hearing loss in one ear. At the same time, Ken also has a love for making things. Having an interest in building Lego and other things since childhood, a lot of his time was spent gaining knowledge and skills in electronic engineering. Cherishing a desire to use his background in making to solve the problems faced by hearing loss in one ear, he is currently working on the development of asEars, a glasses-type device designed to help people with this hearing condition. In the future, he hopes the device will evolve to be worn freely by anyone, not just people with hearing loss in one ear. What is Ken's vision of the ultimate glasses-type device?


- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.


Ken Takaki

Ken Takaki

The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Engineering / Graduate Student