Engineering to make me stop and think about water [JP]

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In high school she thought that the most important thing in this world was water. Later, fascinated by the relationship between water and power, she changed her career path from the humanities to study water governance.

Everyone needs access to water because it is an important resource for all people to live. This is a matter of course for people living in Japan, but not for citizens in developing countries. However, developing countries also have the potential for new developments, such as a form of water service that utilizes social networking services, which is not often seen in Japan.

In a world where we can use water without thinking about it, we need to consider the importance of water again. Can engineering be a trigger that stops us on our tracks?

- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.


Kotomi Sugiyama

Kotomi Sugiyama

The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Engineering / Graduate Student