How Can We Stop Global Warming?: On the Carbon Capture and Storage [JP]

Lecture Description

On Sunday July 26, 2015, the 19 th Techno Science Café was held at Eng. Bldg. 3 on Hongo-Campus with substantial contributions from the Frontier Research Center for Energy and Resources.

The title of the event was “Frontiers in Energy and Resources,” and participants enjoyed 3 lectures, 6 experiment booths, and a workshop conducted by university students.

It was an extremely hot summer day, but the 66 student and 50 adult (parents) participants seemed interested in thinking about global warming problems, carbon dioxide emissions, and future energy.


- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.

- UTokyo School of Engineering

Jul 26, 2015
Engineering / Architecture


Kozo Sato

Kozo Sato

The University of Tokyo
School of Engineering / Professor

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