Part 8: Career Path as an Academician 2 [JP]

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This lesson series helps educators to implement active learning methods into their classroom in order to deepen students' learning experiences. Videos were originally produced as a course of gacco , a Japanese MOOC platform.

Playlist Part 8: Career Path as an Academician 2
1/6 Career Path as an Academician 2
2/6 Structured Academic Portfolio
3/6 Importance of the SAP Chart
4/6 SAP Chart Creation: Education
5/6 SAP Chart Creation: Research
6/6 SAP Chart Creation: Service and Synthesis


- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.

- Worksheet is available. Refer to "Supplement" below.

Nov 19, 2014
Teaching & Education


Kayoko Kurita

Kayoko Kurita

The University of Tokyo
Center for Research and Development of Higher Education / Associate Professor

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