A Quest Named Fiction [Subtitled JP]

Lecture Description

It is a special lecture with French writer J.M.G.Le Clézio, a 2008 Nobel Prize for literature award recipient. This lecture take a dialogue form with Prof. Yoshikazu Nakaji who is also a translator of Mr. Le Clézio’s literatures.

In this lecture which was carried out in the title of “A Quest Named Fiction”, various literary discussions on Mr. Le Clézio's literatures were exchanged while interchanging topics such as poetry and movies.

Mr. Le Clézio tells us, "Writing is to ask who I am."
Why does the quest take the form of fiction?

French with Japanese subtitles.


J. M. G. Le Clézio

J. M. G. Le Clézio

Writer /
Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature (2008) 

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