Create a future where space is accessible to everyone! [JP]

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Space business” may sound like a dream or science fiction to many people. However, this may be a little closer than we think.

Mr. Matsushita, who has been interested in space since he was a child, is now trying to play a part in the space business in Japan.

At Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory (ISSL, the Nakasuka-Funase Laboratory), Mr. Matsushita and other students have developed small satellites and sent them into space, and he is also trying to return the technology accumulated through his research to society as CTO of ArkEdge Space Inc., a Japanese space venture company. By creating a platform for making small satellites, it may be possible for each person to have a satellite, just like a smartphone. His ambition for the future is that space can be accessible to everyone!

- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.


Shuhei Matsushita

Shuhei Matsushita

The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Engineering / Graduate Student