I want to talk about the fun of science that inspires me [JP]

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Mr. Nagahara was attracted by the “cool” appeal of chemistry in a drama he came across when he was in junior high school.
Since then, he has experimented with electrolysis at home, worked hard on researches in the chemistry club at his high school, and more. ......
In addition to all that, he has been passionate about experimenting with things he finds interesting and in trying them out for himself.
At the university, he is currently immersed in the research on the simulation of polymer gels.
He opines that it is cool to be able to elucidate the small world that we cannot see with our human eyes.
He also enjoys discussing his research with his friends.
What is the appeal of motivational science that drives him?
And what is the true charm of discussing with each other?

- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.


Sota Nagahara

Sota Nagahara

The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Engineering / Graduate Student