I want to create a social system that contributes to people’s health [JP]

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Rather than researching cutting-edge technology itself, Ms.Okamura’d like to research on delivering technology to society.
The inspiration for this was her research on “Ankake,” which she worked on when she was in high school.
She examined the effect of heat retention in order to be able to eat the hot “Ankake-don” for a while.
The essence of this approach is similar to the case with the simulation research of the pharmaceutical processes that she chose after entering the university.
No matter how effective a drug is or how good the manufacturing technology is, it is meaningless if the drug does not reach patients.
What does she envision in the daily struggles of various specialists from cell culture to factory production?

- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.


Kozue Okamura

Kozue Okamura

The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Engineering / Graduate Student