Painter Lan Yin and His Studio's Management Strategy [JP]

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Do you know the painter Lan Ying? He worked in a society in which Ming Dynasty was destroyed and replaced by Qing Dynasty, he set up a huge studio in Hangzhou and sent out a large number of works to the market. And surrounded by children and grandchildren, he lived a long life. That figure is a little different from other literati painters who lost their lives in the war.

Why did Lan Ying create hit products and succeed in the market? In this lecture, Prof. Tsukamoto considers the reasons from the aspects of his living times and places, the characteristics of his paintings and the distribution route.


- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.

Oct 15, 2016
Fine Arts / Art History / Ethnology


Maromitsu Tsukamoto

Maromitsu Tsukamoto

The University of Tokyo
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia / Associate Professor

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