Tiny Neutrino Masses [JP]

Lecture Description

Professor Takaaki Kajita, director of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, the University of Tokyo, was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for “the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass.” In order to present his accomplishments to a wide audience, a special conference (in Japanese) by Professor Kajita himself was held at the JP Tower Hall & Conference.

In this lecture, Professor Kajita looks back on his research life, explains the significance of extremely tiny masses of neutrino, and talks about his dream for the future.


- No subtitles. This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.

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Mar 30, 2016


Takaaki Kajita

Takaaki Kajita

The University of Tokyo
Institute for Cosmic Ray Research Director / Professor

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