Reformation of Active Learning: Toward the Solution of Transition Problems [JP]

Lecture Description

On March 26, 2016, "Active Learners' Summit 2016" was held at Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo. It is the event which is organized by Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, the University of Tokyo, and Japan Center for Educational Research and Innovation (JCERI).

From the programs of this event, we publish here the keynote lecture by Prof. Shinichi Mizokami, the leading researcher of active learning (AL) in Japan. In the lecture, he explains what the AL is and why it is important, focussing on the current situation in the secondary education in Japan.

Mar 26, 2016
Teaching & Education Psychology / Social Science


Shinichi Mizokami

Shinichi Mizokami

Kyoto University
Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education / Graduate School of Education / Professor

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