How Did Human Mind Emerge, and How Has It Developed? [JP]

Lecture Description

The human-beings are genetically most akin to, and shares a lot of behavioral characteristics with, the chimpanzees. However, human-beings have developed their own cognitive capacities which are absent in other anthropoids. Sympathy, education, understanding other minds, use of language... These social cognitive capacities are peculiar to human-beings. They could develop their cultures and establish the civilizations thanks to those capacities. But how they could acquire those capacities? In this lecture, Prof. Hasegawa explains the path of evolution the human-being has taken, and also speculates on its future.


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Nov 22, 2015
Psychology / Social Science Science


Toshikazu Hasegawa

Toshikazu Hasegawa

The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences  / Professor

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