Technology Transfer Trends in the United States [EN/JP]

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Regarding global competitiveness, recently universities have been expected to incubate new technologies and values and implement them into the society collaborating with various players such as companies, investors, and so on. This international symposium, thus, discusses cases and issues of university governance, management, and education involving international guests who play active roles in bridging universities and society.

Part 1: International Collaboration with the Society by Universities Around the World
- Jane M Muir (US) *You are here
- Allison Campbell (Ireland)
- Kevin Cullen (Australia)
- Erik Vane (Netherlands)
- Alfred Schillert (Germany)
- Kenichi Hatori (Japan)
- Regina Summer (Sweden)
- Takafumi Yamamoto (Moderator)
Part 2: Governance and Compliance (1) Management of Dual Use of Technology
Part 3: Governance and Compliance (2) Research Misconduct and Conflict of Interests
Part 4: Human Resource Development of Commercialization Professionals

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Jan 28, 2015
Economics / Business / Finance


Jane M Muir

Jane M Muir

University of Florida
Office of Technology Licensing / Associate Director

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