Write a Good Paper on an International Level

Lecture Description

This seminar delivers tips for submitting an academic paper to an international journal. Through the lectures by both publisher's and paper author's points of view, speakers encourage especially young researchers and graduate students to take the first step to publish research outcome into the society.

00:15 Introduction
02:37 What's "academic paper"?
04:05 Think the location of your research
09:37 Q: Do Japanese have disadvantage writing papers in English?
17:25 Q: What kind of titles/introductions are good?
21:22 Q: Referees can be chosen intentionally?
23:47 Q: How would you choose a suitable journal?
26:25 Tips: Draw understandable figures
30:12 Q: Do you have recommendable books to learn more?
31:52 Tips: Read regulation carefully


- No subtitles. This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.

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Sep 29, 2014
University students
Engineering / Architecture


Takashi Kato

Takashi Kato

The University of Tokyo
School of Engineering / Professor

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