Lecture Description

This lecture, co-hosted by the University of Tokyo’s Center for Research and Development of Higher Education and NHK, was held in Yasuda Auditorium. This dialog-type lecture on the highly relevant topic of “Justice” lasted for more than three hours.


Michael J. Sandel

Michael J. Sandel

Harvard University

1975年 ブランダイス大学卒業
1981年 オックスフォード大学ベリオールカレッジにて、博士号取得

1980年- ハーバード大学にて講義を持つ
1999年 ハーバード大学行政学部教授就任
2002-2005年 生命倫理委員会委員

Academic History
1975 He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brandeis University
1981 He received his doctorate from Balliol College, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar

Professional Highlights
1980- He has taught political philosophy at Harvard University
1999 He was named a Harvard College Professor
2002-2005 He served on the President's Council on Bioethics,