Future Materials: Titanium, Rare Metals [JP]

This lecture explains the present situation and the potential of rare metals which are used in our personal electronic devices such as smartphones.


Outline of the Paintings in the Collection of Komaba Museum, the University of Tokyo, Formerly Possessed by the First Higher School, Japan: On the “History Paintings” Passed down from the First Higher School, Japan.[JP]

This lecture explains the historic Japanese paintings collected by the First Higher School, Japan (known as “Ichiko”), which was the predecessor of the present College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo, by focusing on the political situation and educational policies at that time.


Ultra-Small Spacecraft Opens up Future Solar System Exploration [JP]

This lecture introduces you to a new solar system exploration enabled by a small-sized, lightweight, and low-cost ultra-small spacecraft.


Slow Training for the Middle-aged and the Elderly: Building Muscles in a Scientific Manner [JP]

This lecture will show you how to train your muscles more efficiently than using the ordinary methods without applying too much load to the body.



Body to be Virtualized [JP]

In this lecture, Prof. Inami discusses the future forms of our body, such as super body, transformed body, shadow body, coalesced bodies, and the future of our society, based on the latest research outcomes.


Ask Your Own Questions: An Open Academy of Philosophy Part 2 [JP]

Good ideas come out of good questions. This workshop provides opportunity to think about what is a good question, through the experience of making your own questions.


Ask a Scientist Special Issue: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2017



Plato’s Questions [JP]

What does Plato’s philosophy mean for us today? Let's think about what Plato tried to do by reading his renowned dialogue Politea.



Features: Writers, scholars, and et cetera

秋めいてきましたね。秋といえば芸術に、行楽に、スポーツに… そしてなんといっても読書です!! というわけで今回の特集では、著名な作家の講演や文学研究者の講義動画など、見ればもっと読書が楽しくなる動画をセレクトしました。作家の言葉と研究者の言葉、両方聞いて本を開けば、今までとはまた違う読み方ができるかも?


Features: Let's go to the University of Tokyo!

東京大学では、毎年8月のはじめに「高校生のための東京大学オープンキャンパス」が開催されています。中でも人気があるのが、各学部が行う「模擬講義」! というわけで今回の特集では、東大TVで公開されている模擬講義の一部をご紹介します。オープンキャンパスに参加される方も、そうでない方も、まずはここで東大の授業を覗いてみませんか?


Features: PIPILI's recommendation

東大TVのマスコットキャラクター・ぴぴりが発見されてから、2年が経ちました。東大TVを多くの人に知ってもらうために、のびのびと活動をしてきたぴぴリ。そんなぴぴりがおすすめする東大TVの動画とは!? ぴぴりならではの視点でピックアップされた動画をお楽しみください。


Features: Congestion



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