iTunes U

“iTunes U” is a specialized area within the Apple iTunes Store from which the University of Tokyo can send you videos of its lectures and video teaching materials. Available at iTunes U are lecture videos and reference materials for both students at the University of Tokyo and the general public. These videos allow you to experience many of the outstanding lectures delivered daily at the university, including those in the educational program “Global Focus on Knowledge” (GFK) aimed at undergraduate students, as well as University of Tokyo Extension Courses held each year in Yasuda Auditorium.


Since 2005, reflecting the conviction of the University that as part of its corporate social responsibility it should make knowledge available to the public, the University has provided the general public with more than several hundred lecture videos and reference materials through its “Todai OpenCourseWare” and “Todai TV” websites. By taking advantage of iTunesU, learners now can enjoy these lectures in a more user-friendly form. Just by visiting the iTunesStore, a user can access them simply by downloading them the same way he or she does with music or applications.


iTunes U is available in a specialized area Apple Inc. has been developing within its iTunes Store, geared towards institutions of higher learning. Here Harvard University, MIT, UC Berkeley and other prestigious universities in more than 10 countries around the world offer lectures free of charge. Thus, top-tier education from around the world is being made available for general use. Here too alongside these other high-quality materials can be found the contents provided by the University of Tokyo, available for downloading from iTunes U free of charge.


Please access the University of Tokyo’s service within iTunesU from here (by launching iTunes).