Omnibus — Lecture Series: The Virtual and the Real

Virtual Reality and I

Fiction and Simulation [JP]

What the "real world" would look like if viewed against the background of "possible worlds," "fictional worlds," and "simulation worlds"? A philosophical reflection running through art, religion, and science.


Virtual Reality and Body

Past, Present, and Future of Robot Surgery [JP]

Dr. Nozawa talks about the actuality and the problems of the robot surgery in digestive surgery, based on his own clinical experiences.


Human Augmentation and Its Future [JP]

Prof. Rekimoto explains the concepts of human augmentation and IoA (Internet of Abilities), and introduces some of the projects he is leading.


Real and Virtual in Education [JP]

Prof. Kodama looks back on the history of Japan since the period of high growth, and thinks about how the change in the way that school looks will influence the way of education.


Virtual Reality and Society