2018FY — UTokyo Open Lectures: Dilemma

Dilemma of Institutional Design and Technology Innovation

Dilemma of Medical Innovation and Regulation [JP]

In this lecture, Dr. Sumimasa Nagai explains the dilemma that occurs in assessing and regulating medical application of innovation.


Sustainable Development and Dilemma: Development and Protection [JP]

In this lecture, Prof. Masahiko Hirao discusses the dilemma of development needs which reside in human activities and environmental protection ongoing on a single earth, and the way to harmonize them.


Dilemma of Academic Research

Scientists' Social Responsibility and Dilemma [JP]

Based on cases, Dr. Yuko Fujigaki discusses various kinds of dilemma occurring with the social responsibility of scientists who are engaged in leading-edge researches.


Dilemma over Cigarettes [JP]

In this lecture, Dr. Eisuke Nakazawa will let you learn about cigarettes and discusses the dilemma over cigarettes from various viewpoints.


Order in Cities and Population Distribution [JP]

In this lecture, Prof. Tsuyoshi Takagi introduces studies on the standardization of secure next-generation cryptography in the age of quantum computing.


Global Dilemma

The Dilemma in Atoll Countries Sinking Due to the Global Warming[JP]

Reportedly, atoll countries such as Tuvalu are going under water because of sea level rise due to the global warming, but this is not true. Prof. Hajime Kayanne explains the reasons from the results of field survey.