Getting to the Heart of Learning: Evidence-based Science Education [EN]

Lecture Description

A symposium was held, inviting Dr.Carl Wieman, a Nobel Prize winner in Physics.

Guided by experimental tests of theory and practice, science and engineering have advanced rapidly in the past 500 years. Guided primarily by tradition and dogma, the learning and teaching of these subjects meanwhile has remained largely medieval. Research on how people learn is now revealing much more effective ways to learn, teach, and evaluate learning than what is in use in the traditional university class. This research is setting the stage for a new approach to teaching and learning that can provide the relevant and effective science and engineering education for all students that is needed for the 21st century. Although the focus of the talk is on undergraduate science and engineering learning and teaching, where the data is the most compelling, the underlying principles come from studies of the general development of expertise and apply widely.

Teaching & Education
Engineering / Architecture


Carl Wieman

Stanford University

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