2017FY — UTokyo Open Lectures: Explosion

The Nature of Explosion

Techniques for Analyzing and Protecting Ourselves Against Gas and Dust Explosion [JP]

The lecture explains the latest techniques for analyzing and protecting ourselves against explosion by showing you some video clips of experiments.


Asset Bubble and Explosion [JP]

This lecture explains how asset bubbles occur and affect the economy and society.


Detecting Gravity Waves to Explore Big Explosions in the Universe [JP]

In February 2016, gravitational waves radiated from coalescence of black holes was observed for the first time. This lecture explains that observation in detail and introduces explosions in the universe.


Explosion and Society

Chinese History in the Smoke of Gunpowder [JP]

One of the four biggest inventions in China is black powder. The lecture takes a close look at guns and bazookas that use black powder and considers the meaning of military technologies in Chinese history.


Explosion of Infection: Influenza Pandemic [JP]

This lecture thinks about the possibility that avian flu, which has badly damaged the world poultry industry, will spread between humans.


Dealing with Explosion

Moment when Frustration over the Political will Explode: In Case of Trump Phenomenon [JP]

Why did Mr. Donald Trump be elected president in the United States? This lecture considers it while focusing on the background.


Genome Data Explosion and Algorithm [JP]

This lecture explains the cutting edge research on "algorithm" that is required for the latest genome analysis research.


Volcanic Eruptions and Disasters [JP]

This lecture explains the mechanism of volcanic eruption and methods to prevent disasters.