International Psychology of Rise of China : From Comparison between Japan and Other Countries [JP]

Lecture Description

In recent years the rise of China has brought various changes to Asia. As its relationship with Japan is concerned, economic ties have strengthened, and friction on diplomacy and security became apparent, while human exchanges such as tourism expanded. Respondents saying that they "have familiarity" with China have decreased, and voices are wary of China's emergence.

So, how about people in the surrounding areas of Asia? Are they also looking at the rise of China from a stance similar to that of Japan?

In this lecture, based on the results of the questionnaire survey, Prof. Sonoda outlines the "international psychology" of rise of China seen in Asia.


- This lecture was conducted only in Japanese.

Law / Political Science
Psychology / Social Science


Shigeto Sonoda

The University of Tokyo
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia / Professor

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