2015FY — UTokyo Open Lectures: Mind

Mind and Society

Triangular Relationship of Mind, Body, and Life [JP]

Considering actual cases of mental diseases, Prof. Kondo discusses the close relationship among mind, body, and life, and also a possible future form of caring.


Mentally Challenged Person, Crime, and Punishment [JP]

Discussing why mentally challenged persons should go unpunished for their crimes, and in which cases they actually go unpunished.


Evolution and Mind

Animal Minds [JP]

Do non-human animals have mind? Considerations on the "animal minds" on the basis of evolutionary biology.


How Did Human Mind Emerge, and How Has It Developed? [JP]

How have the social capacities developed which are peculiar to human-beings? Explanations of evolution of mind and considerations of the future of the humankind.


Can Robot Have Mind? [JP]

Introducing recent outcomes of AI and robot research, Prof. Kuniyoshi discusses what mind is and whether it can be artificially created.


Communication and Mind

Language and Mind: A View from the Brain [JP]

Explicating how the language, which is produced by brain, generates other, uniquely human mental activities such as art.


The Mind Which Develops Infant's Language [JP]

Thinking how our "infant-directed speech" works for the development of the language of infants.


Internet and Mental Health [JP]

Prof. Shimoyama talks about the relationship between internet and mental health, introducing some cases of social ICT application for mental health promotion.