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Lecture Description

Prof. Piketty, the author of “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” gave a special lecture for UTokyo students. This video delivers a Q&A session after the lecture which discussed below amongst Prof. Thomas Piketty, Prof. Hidetaka Ishida, UTokyo students, and so on.


00:10 Introduction

04:27 Q1. Why is r generally larger than g? Is r>g intrinsic character of capitalism?

16:26 Q2. How do you think about political ideology and inequality?

20:26 Q3. What kind of message would you give for top school students?

24:44 Q4. Why income tax? To levy inheritance tax seems more acceptable.

28:48 Q5. How should researchers avoid ideology and deepen arguments academically?



- Materials and data offered by Prof. Piketty:

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University students
Economics / Business / Finance


Thomas Piketty

Paris School of Economics
 / Professor

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Hidetaka Ishida

The University of Tokyo
Library / Deputy Librarian

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