The Universe Viewed in X-rays: How Hot and Intense It Appears [JP]

This lecture introduces you to how the universe appears different to us through the research of X-ray astronomy.


Cultural Policy in Japan and its Recent Changes [JP]

Prof. Nobuko Kawashima explains the basis of the discussion in this symposium, such as the target regions and objectives of cultural policy in Japan.


New Luxury World from Japanese Crafts [JP]

Ms. Yoshiko Ikoma, a fashion journalist, talks about her activities, including the collaboration project between Japanese traditional crafts and overseas brands.


What is DINO-A-LIVE? [JP]

Mr. Kazuya Kanemaru, the representative director of ON-ART, will show you what “DINO-A-LIVE” project is. With “DINO-A-LIVE,” you can experience facing dinosaurs as if they were alive.



Feel the Sorrow and Anger of Chicanos [JP]

Let’s discuss the issues related to contemporary literature by focusing on dramas dealing with Mexican immigrants in the United States (Chicanos).


Workshop “Adaptive Change! An Alternative View on Social and Organizational Problem Solving"

This workshop is aimed at learning the essentials of how to deal with adaptive challenges and behavior modification with Dr. Richard Pascale from the University of Oxford.


Dilemma over Cigarettes [JP]

In this lecture, Dr. Eisuke Nakazawa will let you learn about cigarettes and discusses the dilemma over cigarettes from various viewpoints.


Infinity and Continuity [JP]

Prof. Masahiko Kanai gives a lecture on the first two hours of a course “Set and Topology,” which is delivered in the University of Tokyo. Please get a glimpse of the world of mathematics through solving three problems.



Features: Entrance Examination for University



Features: Entrance Examination for University

年が明けて1月、入試シーズンの到来です! 今回の特集では、リスニング必勝法といった具体的な入試対策から、キャンパスライフがイメージできる大学紹介など、受験生応援のための動画をピックアップしました。受験勉強に、あるいは合格後のイメージトレーニングに、ぜひお役立てください!


Features: Writers, scholars, and et cetera

秋めいてきましたね。秋といえば芸術に、行楽に、スポーツに… そしてなんといっても読書です!! というわけで今回の特集では、著名な作家の講演や文学研究者の講義動画など、見ればもっと読書が楽しくなる動画をセレクトしました。作家の言葉と研究者の言葉、両方聞いて本を開けば、今までとはまた違う読み方ができるかも?


Features: Let's go to the University of Tokyo!

東京大学では、毎年8月のはじめに「高校生のための東京大学オープンキャンパス」が開催されています。中でも人気があるのが、各学部が行う「模擬講義」! というわけで今回の特集では、東大TVで公開されている模擬講義の一部をご紹介します。オープンキャンパスに参加される方も、そうでない方も、まずはここで東大の授業を覗いてみませんか?


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